Find Your Local Resources


Find Your Local Resources

Gigantic bales of crushed plastics ready for recycling.

Many local and state governments have specific educational recycling resources available, from lessons to interactive online programs, and guides on how to conduct waste studies to recycling challenges to participate in. Some also have educators who can provide programming with/for you. 

Here are just a few local and state government’s resources as examples:

California Department of Resources, Recycling, and Recovery:
Colorado Ecocycle:
Don’t Waste It! educators guide from Chatham County, North Carolina:
Indiana Recycling Coalition:
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control:

While there are a lot of great recycling resources available for educators, since recycling is managed at the local or state level it is extremely important to know how recycling works in your school, organization, or community. You may need to tailor lessons and activities to your community’s program requirements.