Exhibit: "America's Wolves"


Exhibit: "America's Wolves"

Panel 1 of America's Wolves Exhibit

Facilities may be able to host this exhibit for only the cost of shipping! (Courtesy of the Paly Foundation.)

This exhibit is available in two sizes and is made up of four panels printed on high-quality vinyl and includes stands (large version only).  

The title panel (pictured) is 5x8 ft., while the remaining three are 5x5 ft.(In the smaller version, panels are 3x5 ft and 3x3 ft.)  See our Facebook page for current and past installations: https://www.facebook.com/PalyFoundation/photos/

Learning Objectives:

The lower United States has four kinds of wolves!  Learn about each, including the red wolf, the most endangered wolf in the world.  Explore with your students why wolves in the wild are important, the challenges surrounding wolf conservation, and what anyone can do to help save wolves.