2023 Youth Innovation Challenge Winners


2023 Youth Innovation Challenge Winners

2023 Youth Innovation Challenge Winners and Finalists

We're so excited to announce the 2023 GEEP Youth Innvoation Challenge Winners and Finalists! 

Congratulations to our winners Ajay, Jennifer and team, Keira, and to all of our finalists!

The 2023 GEEP Youth Innovation Challenge gave young people around the world the opportunity to share their innovative solutions to protect marine resources and support people of all ages to be engaged stewards for marine conservation. 

We work with these young innovators and leaders around the world to help build their networks, grow as professionals and leaders, and expand their impact by recognizing fifteen finalists. From the finalists, three winners are chosen to receive $1000 USD prize.

The Youth Innovation Challenge (YIC) is a program of the Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP), a vibrant and inclusive learning network designed to champion environmental education (EE) around the world, in partnership with the Taiwan Ocean Conservation Administration (OCA). GEEP is a partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Taiwan Ministry of Environment, and the North American Association for Environmental Education. We looked for solutions that were innovative, feasible, informed by research, and included an environmental education component. 

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