NWF EcoLeaders Equity and Justice Research Fellowship


NWF EcoLeaders Equity and Justice Research Fellowship

The National Wildlife Federation is currently accepting applications for the NWF EcoLeaders Equity and Justice Research Fellowship. Application deadline: April 20th.

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This fellowship will focus on researching nationwide sustainability and leadership initiatives in higher education through equity and justice frameworks. Findings will be summarized in a report outlining recommendations for the NWF higherd education team for reaching fair and equitable impacts and benefits for communities of color and low-income communities.

Benefits of participation include:

  • Earn a $3,000 stipend
  • Play a key role in the development of the U.S. launch of the international FEE EcoCampus program
  • Gain valuable career experience and professional development

National Wildlife Federation Graduate Student Fellows help to educate and engage the NWF EcoLeaders community through dedicated research projects. Monetary fellowship grants are awarded to graduate students working with National Wildlife Federation staff on research that helps to expand the content and development of the EcoLeaders program to help college students and recent graduates to use project-based learning to develop their environmental leadership and sustainable career goals. EcoLeader Fellows join a national network of current and alumni fellows, many of whom have gone on to lead new businesses, agencies, and programs for sustainability across the U.S.