Experience Energy Resource Study


Experience Energy Resource Study

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Climate Generation recently completed a revamp of our Experience Energy curriculum, and we’re inviting five formal 4th⁠–6th grade educators to join a small learning community in a paid opportunity to teach parts of the curriculum this year and provide feedback about their experiences.

Participating educators will engage with a learning group that will support one another’s climate change teaching journey throughout the school year. Educators will also receive a $650 stipend upon completion of the work.

Through this curriculum evaluation, educator stories and tips will be compiled into case studies detailing stories, teaching tips, and photos of how the Experience Energy curriculum might be adapted and used in the classroom. Your stories, experiences, and suggestions could help other educators better assess whether Experience Energy is right for their students, and could also give them ideas for integrating it into their own curriculum!

If you’re interested in learning more and participating, please read through the details and fill out our application form. The form will help us select a diverse group of educators in different educational settings to provide a broad range of perspectives on the curriculum for our case studies. Applications are due by Monday, October 23

Please share this with any 4th⁠–6th grade educators you know!