Developing Empathy for Conservation Outcomes Conference


Developing Empathy for Conservation Outcomes Conference

We invite researchers, educators, conservation advocates, and zoo and aquarium professionals to join the Seattle Aquarium in a forward-looking exploration of how empathy can advance conservation outcomes.

This virtual, participatory conference will focus on facilitating dialogue between researchers and practitioners interested in exploring the role of empathy in influencing attitudes, behaviors and intentions toward conservation. Participant-contributors from academia as well as zoos and aquariums around the world will share knowledge of current and emerging research and imagine opportunities for collaboration to collectively advance our understanding of empathy as it relates to conservation.

Proposed outcomes of the conference include:

  • Forging a community of inquiry and research around empathy for conservation;
  • Developing a road map to guide action research;
  • Framing new research questions.

Welcome skills, disciplines and perspectives include but are not limited to the following: conservation, conservation psychology, zoos and aquariums, education, environmental education, environmental science, life science, social science, psychology, anthropology, museum studies, visual arts, narrative arts and data science.