Climate Solutions Symposium


Climate Solutions Symposium

Saturday, April 4, 2020, 9am-noon

University of Houston Student Center Theater, 4455 University Drive, Houston
Paths to Texas Zero GHG Emissions: Electricity, Transportation and Industry

9:00-9:10am Tom Rehm, Chair
Climate Solutions for Texas
Humble TX

Most agree that Climate Change is threatening our planet. Many solutions require huge investments of capital. Which Climate Solutions are technically and commercially viable? We should avoid going down rabbit holes, as there will be no do-overs if we get this wrong.


  • Professor Sylvia Dee (PhD Climate Science Professor, Rice University)
  • Jeremy Friesen (Director, Business & Corporate Development, NET Power)
  • Gene Preston (PhD Electrical Engineer, CEO of Transmission Adequacy Consulting)
  • Professor Pavel Tsvetkov (PhD Nuclear Engineering Professor, Texas A&M University)
  • Larry Kremer (PhD Physical Chemist, Citizens Climate Lobby)
  • The symposium chair is Tom Rehm (PhD Chemical Engineer, Chair of Climate Solutions for Texas).