TWM's Virtual Gear Up Workshop For Marine Naturalists


TWM's Virtual Gear Up Workshop For Marine Naturalists

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The Whale Museum (TWM) is holding an exciting virtual Gear Up Workshop for Marine Naturalists this spring on Friday, April 8. This workshop will be held from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time and registrants will join sessions through the videoconferencing platform, Zoom. The theme of this “Gear Up” Workshop will be Bottoms Up: The Power of Whale Poo! 

Invited presenters include:

Dr. Kathleen Hunt, George Mason University, on studying conservation physiology in whales using non-invasive methods      

Kaitlin Yehle, Ocean Wise, on Northern Resident and Southern Resident killer whale research

Dr. Matthew Savoca, Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University,  on the importance of baleen whales to the ecosystem 

Dr. Deborah Giles, Wild Orca; Dr. Brad Hanson, NOAA; and Dr. Sheila Thornton, Oceans and Fisheries Canada in a panel discussion on Southern Resident and Transient killer whale research

Dr. Kim Parsons, NOAA, on how genetic clues untangle predator diets


Dr. Heidi Pearson, University of Alaska Southeast, on The Whale Pump

For more information and/or to register, please visit Zoom link and workshop agenda will be sent to registrants at email provided at registration closer to start of workshop. Questions can be directed to Tracie Merrill at