Systems Thinking Symposium: March 21, 2018


Systems Thinking Symposium: March 21, 2018

Systems Thinking Symposium: Register Now!

March 21, 2018, 8:30 am - 5:45 pm ET in Washington, DC (and livestreamed!)

Here’s a great no-cost way to gain insights and strategies for enhancing your climate change education work with proven systems thinking methods.  The symposium will be held at the Washington, DC, 4-H Conference Center AND live-streamed for those of us outside of the DC area – and there’s no registration fee, so it is genuinely open to all!

For details, including a description of this well-developed program, an agenda, and a quick-and-easy registration process, go to 

The Symposium highlights the USDA-funded ThinkWater initiative as a model for addressing issues vital to our national interest. Speakers and presentations will focus on the application of systems thinking to a wide array of critical challenges facing local, national and statewide educators and policy makers. The ThinkWater example will be used to frame discussions of the possibilities and promise of more accessible ways of learning and applying systems thinking to the full array of complex challenges we face.