Sustainable Living and Leadership Series for fall


Sustainable Living and Leadership Series for fall

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March 1st to April 12th

LEARN HOW YOU CAN LIVE & LEAD A MORE SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE. Cost $125, limited scholarships available

This program will inform, engage and empower you to take individual responsibility for managing Earth’s limited resources. Through a discussion-to-action format, you will learn to use resources wisely, understand the impact of individual lifestyle choices, and assist households and communities to be more resilient and financially sound

  • You will explore energy, water, and food topics and learn how these three work together as a system.
  • You will delve into the U.S. economy and understand how our consumption of goods impacts our world.
  • You will discover ways to take action in your home and community to reduce your footprint and increase your handprint.
  • You will learn how people across the country are making a difference for their communities.
  • You will earn a digital badge when you complete the course