Green Workforce Panel


Green Workforce Panel

Kids at a table looking at an adult pour water from a pitcher onto some growing plants.

Are you interested in learning more about different green career pathways?

Join PLT’s virtual Green Jobs Panel on June 28, 2023 from  12:00–1:00 PM PT and 3:00–4:00 PM ET!

The forest and conservation sector is an essential and exciting field that needs young professionals. By working in a green job, you can provide solutions to some of our planet’s most pressing challenges, like climate change.

To learn more about the different types of jobs in the sector and how you can land one, this interactive online panel will feature the career pathways stories from those in the private, government, and non-profit sectors. You will hear how each panelist got into their field, what a typical day looks like, and their tips on standing out during the first few months on the job. Come prepared with questions for panelists and to network with other young professionals!

Join PLT’s virtual Green Workforce Panel for insights on which career path might suit you and how to develop a meaningful career in the forest and conservation sector!

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about skills that are in demand in the green sector
  • Understand how to stand out in the first few months at your Green Job
  • Explore different green jobs pathways and what it takes to succeed in them
  • Practice your professionalism



Headshot of Jerri Taylor
Jerri Taylor, Director, Diversity in Career Pathways

Jerri leverages successful tools and resources to build support programs for diverse young people as they navigate green careers. She leads the career pathways programming, the Green Mentor program, and the Green Jobs employer training efforts.


Headshot of Maria Chiarella
Maria Chiarella, Manager, Mentorship and Youth Programs

Maria manages mentorship programs at a national and international level, and coordinates career pathway resources and opportunities for youth. Maria engages young people to learn about and connect to the outdoors, and to be inspired to pursue green careers.


Headshot of Lydia Kidane
Lydia Kidane, Coordinator, Education Programs

Lydia is Project Learning Tree’s® (PLT) main point of contact for customer inquiries, sales and service. She also helps manage PLT’s product inventory, fulfillment, and distribution and supports career pathways initiatives in the US.


Brittany Lodge
Brittany Lodge, Coordinator, Youth Programs

Brittany supports the entire PLT Canada team in enhancing the number, relevancy, and accessibility of opportunities for a wide range of youth in the forest and conservation sectors. 


Headshot of Shwetha Kengasur Venkatesh
Shwetha Kengasur Venkatesh, Coordinator, Green Jobs

Shwetha supports PLT Canada’s Green Jobs program with employer and youth outreach and administrative support, and she also develops communication materials and reports.