Green Growth Africa Workshop—World Environment Day 2024


Green Growth Africa Workshop—World Environment Day 2024

Green Growth Africa

Watch the recording of Green Growth Africa's virtual Workshop, "Path to Just and Sustainable Africa: Attracting Global Opportunities and Impacting Policy." In collaboration with WWF Africa, this capacity-building virtual event aimed to empower environmental organizations and actors across Africa to access global opportunities and influence policy decisions.

WWF representatives, Zipporah Musyoki, the regional coordinator for education for sustainable development in Africa, and Ghislain Yetna, Programme Coordinator for WWF Africa, educated and encouraged the community to adopt sustainable practices, manage their environment in a sustainable manner, address social and economic issues, and empower their community. Community leaders were also encouraged to adopt inclusivity in leadership roles.

Green Growth Africa not only shared their vision but also demonstrated their commitment by leading the way.

It was an enlightening and insightful event as this initiative by Green Growth Africa and WWF inspired the community leaders, who were grateful for the development and welcomed the ideas shared with open minds.