Climate Conservations


Climate Conservations

Climate Conversations is a 5-session online program that improves your ability to effectively and authentically engage others in discussing climate change. While there are many resources that teach you how to frame your climate messages, there are few programs like Climate Conversations that provide opportunities to consistently practice them in a low-stakes environment.

By the end of the program, you will have learned and practiced how to talk about climate science in a variety of settings, including conversations with colleagues, clients, and family. The communication skills explored will not only help you listen and talk about climate change, but they can also be applied to any challenging conversation or topic.

This program is for conservation professionals, informal learning volunteers, and anyone who cares about nature and is concerned about the impact of climate change. Climate conversations is an opportunity for you to hone your skills to connect with people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

The sessions are fully interactive and experiential — no lectures, few slides. The expert facilitators create a safe, comfortable and playful learning community.