Small Book with a Big Idea: The Power of Listening in a World of Differences

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"Small Book with a Big Idea, the Power of Listening in a World of Differences" Listening is a universal experience. How many of us have received formal education in listening? 

When we went to school we sat in the classroom to learn and we had to listen.  Who taught you how to listen?  Can we listen without assumptions, bias, or wanting to be right?  Can we listen to seek understanding?

Small Book With a Big Idea, by Sara Ting, engages us to think about listening in ways we have not considered. It can empower us in our listening.

In this world of differences now more than ever listening is needed and can be a powerful skill to strengthen us and make us grow to realize our dreams.  Everything starts with a conversation and listening plays a vital role.

Author Sara Ting is the Founder & President of World Unity, Inc.