The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise


Written for general readers and college students alike, the book delves into such controversial matters as population dynamics, economic and consumption growth, rising raw materials demand, environmental impacts of consumption and outsourcing of raw materials procurement, shortcomings of environmental education, considerations of global equity, and the politics of and problems with U.S. environmental policy. Several chapters are dedicated to what might be done to change course.

Questions designed to stimulate thinking and discussion are provided for each chapter for use by individual readers, book clubs, or in formal class settings. The book is currently used in environmentally-oriented courses in a number of major universities across the U.S.

In the words of  Jennifer  O’Connor,  President,  Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, “Dr. Bowyer turns the lens around to our own often hypocritical or counterproductive behaviors toward sustainability.”  Dr. John Helms of the University of California, says of The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise, “This positive-thinking book should be read by all students, general public, and decision-makers seeking enhanced understanding of current environmental and societal issues.” 

The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise is available either in hard copy or as an e-book. Copies are available through Itasca Books (, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or wherever books are sold.