#TechForClimate | We Can Help Alleviate Climate Crises through Technology


TTTR is offering climate-related organizations two kinds of support—keep in mind that our matching service is for free and that we do not provide funding, but access tech development on a pro-bono basis:

1. Discovery Sessions – dedicated to NGOs that don’t have a specific project in mind but want to brainstorm and create tech solutions for a current challenge.
Let’s say that you want to help a community access clean water but don’t know how to use technology in your goal; we can help you come up with an idea!
During the Sessions, you will get matched with a tech company that will conduct a multi-day workshop to brainstorm and help you finalize a project concept. After you have a clear idea for a tech solution, we will also help you to implement it!

2. Product Development – dedicated to nonprofits that already know what they need and have a clear project in mind. 
This is the classic way of getting support from Tech To The Rescue. Nonprofit organizations submit detailed tech projects, and we match them with IT partners ready to develop them. The possible tech solutions include platform development, mobile apps, websites, blockchain, data science, design, cybersecurity, e-commerce, consulting, and others.


We invite all registered nonprofit organizations working on climate issues to apply, including: Climate Education, Renewable Energy, Carbon Removal, Emissions Reduction, Clean Transportation, Air Quality, Forests/Rivers/Oceans/Land Conservation, Drought and Flood Mitigation, Wildlife, Climate refugees and migrants, or similar.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to ngo@techtotherescue.org

How to apply/register:

  1. The organization registers on our website.
  2. Our NGO Relations team verifies that it is a registered non-profit organization.
  3. The organization receives a link to upload its technology project.
  4. Our Matching Team starts searching for a company that fits the project's needs.
  5. Once a match is found, the organization and the technology company meet to discuss and agree on the collaboration.
  6. If the collaboration is accepted, both parties can sign an MoU and establish the parameters of their work together. If not, TTTR will keep looking for a match until the perfect company is found!



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