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Kate Witte

Bradley Hoge

Bill Finnegan

I am interested in the use of digital media and persuasive technology in environmental education.

Eric Carstens

Vince Meldrum

Vince Meldrum is President and CEO of Earth Force. Vince is an experienced nonprofit leader who has worked in environmental and civic education for 20 years. Vince leads Earth Force, a national organization with a unique focus on combining active civic education with environmental education to prepare young people with the civic skills, scientific knowledge, and motivation to improve our local environment.

Angela D'Souza

Leilani Traynor-Kilroy

Tracy Wirak-Cassidy she/her/hers

I grew up hiking and exploring the Montana wilderness and from an early age I knew I wanted to work with children. I attended the University of Montana to pursue a degree in Elementary Education and Environmental Studies and spent many summers working at outdoor education facilities including; the Teton Science School, Montana Natural History Center and the Glacier Institute. After completing my first teaching position in Montana I hopped on my bike and pedaled to Alaska with my sister. I fell in love with Haines, Alaska and founded a place-based summer camp, Haines Science Camp that I ran for 3 years before handing off the camp to a local museum and beginning a teaching position at the Haines School. Eventually, the pull to be working with kids outdoors drew me out of the classroom and back into the environmental education field. I currently works for Takshanuk Watershed Council as the Education Coordinator and provide watershed education to preschool through high school aged students in Haines, Klukwan, and Mosquito Lake in Alaska.

Leanne Butcher

Lianna Lopez

Asa Duffee he/him

I currently work to support leadership and best practices at nature centers throughout North America. In my role with the Association of Nature Center Administrators, I create and share content about the issues that nature centers face, and how they can overcome their challenges.

Kellie Gorman

Lena Goss

Holly Thomas-Hilburn

Aster Schaefer they/them, ze/zir

Dara M. Wilson

Betty Olivolo

Betty has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of New Hampshire and is currently Senior Advisor for the Natural Start Alliance, NAAEE's early childhood program. In addition to being a classroom teacher for more than 15 years (in the US, Taiwan, China, and South Africa), Betty also worked in the field of environmental education for 25 years. She worked with Judy Braus at World Wildlife Fund, and prior to that, Betty worked at other environmental NGOs, including National Wildlife Federation and as Director of Project Wild. She currently lives in Kittery, Maine, and in her spare time, Betty’s hobbies include traveling, photography, sailing, swimming, and walking.

Carlos Perez Murcia

Greatly passionate about ocean conservation, environmental education, youth leadership, and scientific communication. Carlos is a shark lover and an ARTivist, leader of the virtual educational program “Club Tiburones” The Shark Club.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is the founder of Wild Rose Education, an innovative environmental education business providing place-based, learner-centered educator workshop, youth leadership programming and environmental education consulting. Sarah earned her Master of Arts in Education: Natural Science and Environmental Education from Hamline University. Her graduate research involved case studies of science teacher professional development programs at biological field stations across the country. Sarah works to advance environmental education, interpretation, and place based learning while creating authentic and relevant experiences connecting people to their place to ultimately develop a personal land and water ethic. Her contagious passion for working with other professionals to inspire innovative education practices while also building strong relationships across the field exemplifies her capacity for leadership.

Sarah's expertise includes best practices in watershed education, adult learning and facilitation, and interpretation. She serves as the President of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education. She is a member of the NAAEE Guidelines Trainers' Bureau, an Environmental Issues Forums deliberation moderator, Certified Interpretive Guide, Certified Interpretive Trainer, Colorado Certified Master Environmental Educator, Land Ethic Leader, Leave No Trace Master Educator, Climate Reality Leader, and Wilderness First Responder. Sarah is currently based in the Crystal River Watershed in Carbondale, Colorado.

Sam Lindgren She/Her/Hers

Samantha Lindgren is an assistant professor in the department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership in the College of Education at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Jamie Hockstra

LeAnna Cargman

LeAnna Cargman is a local herbailist and entrupuner. She offers seasonal classes and workshops for all ages ranging from environmental literacy to foarging. 

Barry Muchnick

Tori Heller She/her