Welcome to Urban Environmental Education!


Welcome to Urban Environmental Education!

Greetings and welcome to the "EE in Urban Settings" group! We invite you, other group participants and facilitators to dive into ideas related to urban EE. Feel free to explore and start new discussions, ask questions, and share any relevant resources (videos, links, curricula, announcements). The goal of this group is to support a network of environmental educators who work with urban audiences in urban communities, and who address urban environmental and related social issues. Through urban EE, our long-term aim is to contribute to urban sustainability, ecosystem health, and human well-being.


If you want a quick introduction to urban EE, feel free to use these free resources produced by NAAEE, EECapacity, and other organizations:

---Urban EE book: https://naaee.org/eepro/blog/urban-ee-e-book

---Urban EE video: https://youtu.be/Zs_xC78PN44

Photo credit: Alex Kudryavtsev.