Ocean Sports, Youth, And Conservation


Ocean Sports, Youth, And Conservation

The ocean is in need and youth are working to save it through education and restoration. Around the world, there are networks of ocean advocates that are working hard to protect the deep blue. From marine policies all the way to research, arts, and sports, youth are including ocean education in our daily lives. 

Ocean sports can connect people directly with the magnificence of the sea. Reconnecting with nature can deeply change how we interact with the ocean and motivate us to take action to defend it. This is the case for surfing, diving, and swimming. These activities can contribute to bettering people's mental health while also educating them on how to protect the ocean. 

Youth are working hard to find solutions to our global crisis but are they taking care of their own bodies? Of their mental well-being? Of their families? This is an invitation to explore different water sports that can reconnect you with your inner ocean inhabitant. Give space for sports in your life and at the same time help us educate more people to protect our beloved Planet Ocean. 

Ana Torres, from the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Panamá, actively uses water sports in her marine environmental education work:

“Water sports serve as a gateway to ocean education, immersing individuals in an extraordinary experience that forges an unbreakable bond with the sea. Whether it's diving into the depths, or swimming in the currents, these activities instill profound respect and understanding of the ocean's significance and the urgent need for their preservation. Beyond honing physical skills and fostering self-assurance, water sports cultivate resilience, teamwork, and a profound connection to the marine world. By embracing these sports, we not only gain invaluable knowledge about the ocean but also assume the roles of its advocates and ambassadors, committed to safeguarding its treasures for generations to come. In essence, water sports are a formidable educational tool, empowering us to cherish and protect our ocean and our home.”

On our upcoming Global EE Talk: Exploring Our Ocean, you can hear from Ana Torres as well as Sean Russell from Earth Echo. You will have the opportunity to learn and connect with ocean educators and ocean lovers around the world. Join and support us to collaborate and save our ocean! 

Healthy people, healthy ocean. 

Go Swimming, Surfing, or Diving! 

The Ocean needs you.

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Ana Torres

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