Nature Journaling to Connect


Nature Journaling to Connect

My first experience with nature journaling was in grad school. While I spent three weeks in the beautiful coastal area that is Cobscook Bay, I was able to learn how to connect in a way that was both personal and social at once. I think the most important thing I learned was that it's amazing how much you can see when you slow down and really observe the world around you. I have since filled multiple nature journals with my own drawings and observations of the world around me and learned more about my place than I thought possible.  I think this experience was also an important step in me understanding my place in the system, and what I can do about climate change. I've been able to do a weekly session with students in the past, and many of them have continued to nature journal after the conclusion of my sessions, and have reached out for guidance on what they can do to help their environment. 

For nature journaling information and resources, see the links below!



Thank you for the resources on nature journaling! Honestly, it is not something I had considered, but after reading through these resources, it seems like it would be a great thing to add to my outdoor life. One article suggest sort of comparing your ideas with others in a group setting, giving you yet another perspective to journaling. How others perceive things compared to you can be an eye opener in a way, possibly even leading you to cultivate more ideas and connections!