Introducing Imagine If: A New Podcast from NAAEE!


Introducing Imagine If: A New Podcast from NAAEE!

Introducing Imagine If: A New Podcast from NAAEE!

Imagine if we treated educators and scientists like the superstars that they are. Imagine if everyone believed that they had the power to effect change, even in the smallest of ways...

Hey NAAEE followers!

We’re super excited to share that we will be launching a brand new podcast about climate resiliency and education called Imagine If on September 12th. Listen to the promo here.

It’s no secret that severe weather patterns have been seriously impacting our communities—

from raging wildfires to category 5 hurricanes. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico nearly a year ago, NAAEE wanted to share the stories of people experiencing the real-life impacts of climate change and trying to find solutions in their communities. With support from National Geographic, Imagine If explores the concept of climate resiliency as the ability of people to adapt to changes in climate, anticipate what might happen next, and bounce back from climate impacts when they occur.

NAAEE’s Deputy Director Christiane Maertens traveled all across the country, from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico to a cattle ranch in Northern California, interviewing high school students about their extraordinary efforts to create change. And then she passed them the mic to ask experts how to tackle these global challenges. Students spoke with conservation leaders, government officials, and environmental justice organizers about what they wanted to see for their communities moving forward.

We’re living in a moment where these massive climate challenges can sometimes feel unbeatable. But NAAEE recognizes the power of individual students to imagine change and design solutions. And we launched this podcast to share the stories of students and their communities who embody this kind of resilience. Each episode of Imagine If has elements of environmental education woven throughout. And we hope the podcast will be an engaging way to showcase the role of education and help your students to Imagine If.

You can catch the full stories and conversations starting September 12th. To meet the NAAEE team and to learn more about Imagine If, you can visit Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.