A Day on the Hill for EE


A Day on the Hill for EE

NAAEE and partners are planning for early visibility for environmental education in 2019 on Capitol Hill. We invite our Affiliates, members, and partners to join us for a day of advocacy for EE on February 20, 2019. We're planning a fun and engaging day that will include drafting letters to the editor, advocacy training, a review of priority issues in 2019, and an afternoon full of meetings with Senators and Representatives from your states and districts. Along with our partners, we'll provide all of the tools and training you need for a successful and rewarding day. Registration is open

With more than 100 new Members of Congress from 41 states moving to Washington DC this month alongside their returning colleagues, we have a great opportunity to engage new champions for EE. As members of the 116th Congress are settling in and setting their agendas, they need to hear from constituents like you about the importance of environmental education in their communities. Otherwise, they may never know about the simple but critical ways that Congress can ensure that work continues. 

In the coming months, appropriations committees will be considering funding for essential programs like those at EPA and NOAA that support environmental education, so our outreach is especially timely. Additionally, 2019 may bring new opportunities to strengthen federal support for EE that we’ll be keeping an eye on. In order to be successful in taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise, it’s important that we get organized now. Can't make it to DC on February 20? That's ok--we'll be sharing instructions and resources for scheduling meetings in your state and district offices as well as what you can do from the comfort of home to support the effort.  

NAAEE would like to thank our partners at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Earth Day Network, National Recreation & Parks Association, National Wildlife Federation, and Sierra Club who are working with us to plan and host this event. 

Join us in 2019 as we advocate for EE!