Climate Change Education and Research


Climate Change Education and Research

Education Day (16 November) at the 2017 UN climate change conference in Bonn (6 - 17 November 2017) sees the launch of a Virtual Special Issue of the journal, Environmental Education Research, focused on climate change education research.

The launch is led by Alan Reid (Editor) and Marcia McKenzie (Associate Editor) from the journal and the NAAEE community. Guest editors of the Virtual Special Issue, they are also editing a follow-on special collection of new research papers and analysis on climate change education, to be published in Environmental Education Research in 2018.

As a taster of the launch event and a stimulus for engaging with the papers in the Virtual Special Issue, Alan Reid has prepared a series of key questions about climate change education and research, hosted on Visit the link to read the Virtual Special Issue for free.

Running the gamut of why climate change education has emerged, where to look for critical analysis of practice, progress and new directions, and what research and researchers have to offer debates about capacity building, awareness, participation and action strategies discussed at COP23, the papers in the VSI and Alan’s questions are a timely and provocative call to reflection and action about climate change and education.

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