Building Global Connections Through the NAAEE Annual Conference


Building Global Connections Through the NAAEE Annual Conference

Building Global Connections Through the NAAEE Annual Conference: Reflections from the eePRO Global EE Group Moderators

With the NAAEE Annual Research Symposium (Oct. 12) and Conference (Oct. 17–20) approaching soon, the eePRO Global EE Group Moderators Mariam Kabamba (Congo Environnement et Nature) and Carlos Perez Murcia, aka Profe Tiburón, (Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Colombia) reflected on how they have benefitted attending this conference in the past.

We hope to see you at the conference and at the eePRO Global EE Group’s meeting Wednesday, October 11, 10:00–11:00 AM EST! All registrants are welcome to attend eePRO Group meetings. Come connect with others passionate about global EE!

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Photo of Mariam Kabamba smiling while holding an award

Reflections by Mariam Kabamba

Congo Environnement et Nature

In 2019, I participated in the 48th NAAEE annual conference in Lexington, Kentucky. This was my first time participating in an international environmental education conference.  I witnessed the social and educational benefits this conference brought to me professionally and personally.

I remember how I traveled for more than 24 hours. Despite the fact I  was really tired, once I reached there, I went straight to participate in a session of the research symposium and all of a sudden, I was amazed and empowered by like-minded people in the environmental education field. I couldn’t wait for the conference to start the next day.

The NAAEE conference brings together environmental educators from different geographic areas to meet and learn by sharing their experiences and actions. I was happy to meet new people in my field, people from different backgrounds, and to connect and build my personal and professional network. During the 3 days of the conference, I participated in different sessions and learned how others use environmental education to change the world. I heard about the work being done in China, Latin America, Europe, Africa, USA and Canada.

I had the opportunity to ask some presenters questions and their answers really helped me to enhance my work back home. I also got the opportunity to present my own work and this brought me much support after the conference. I was amazed at how many people wanted to know more about my work and my background.

This experience touched me and I was already ready for the 2020 annual conference. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the 2020 conference was changed to be online. When I saw the news about the online conference I was discouraged, but little did I know I was going to experience another amazing conference. Each conference is unique whether in person or online, and at each conference, I connect with new people and have a great time learning new things.

Therefore, I would like to invite everyone especially young environmental educators to register and participate in the 2023 NAAEE annual conference. You will not regret it and you will get a chance to meet new people and improve your work as well!

Karibu, Bien venue, and welcome.


Photo of Carlos scuba diving

Reflections by Carlos Perez Murcia, aka Profe Tiburón

Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Colombia

The NAAEE annual conference is all about connections and diverse learning experiences. In 2021 and 2022, I had the opportunity to connect with past alumni from EE30Under30 Young Changemakers from Latin America and around the world who are working hard to #SaveThePlanet. During the last annual conference, I could experience how ocean literacy is beginning to receive the spotlight it deserves. I was able to connect with EE30Under30 alumni and lead a hands-on workshop about E-STEM and the ocean literacy principles. This workshop was amazing because we invited youth ocean heroes to take part in the workshop as teachers and motivators. The connections piece of the conference is also important and beneficial. For example, I was able to connect with EarthEcho International who are doing amazing work regarding ocean conservation and water sports. This connection ultimately nurtured our global environmental education digital community at eePRO and our amazing webinars.

The NAAEE conference is the perfect platform not just to take your voice around the world, but to learn about great initiatives of environmental education and youth leadership. Be part of this community and help us to educate the planet!