6 Ways to Engage for Indigenous Peoples' Day 2022


6 Ways to Engage for Indigenous Peoples' Day 2022

On Indigenous Peoples' Day, we celebrate the cultures and history of Indigenous communities across the United States. We acknowledge that we are on land that has traditionally been, and in many places is currently, cared for by Indigenous people. 

To transition this remembrance and recognition into action, here are just a few ways to support the rights and sovereignty of all Indigenous Peoples. 

1. Expand Your Understanding of how teaching is a form of activism by attending the "Youth in Action | Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Transformative Teaching" conversation. This program, hosted by the Smithsonian National Museum of the Amerian Indian, highlights Native youth who are incorporating Indigenous voices in K–12 education and promoting inclusive conversations in our nation's classrooms. Learn more about the Native Knowledge 360° programs happening throughout the month and register for the Oct 10 webinar

Discover dozens of successes for Indigenous Communities all over the world in this collection by Cultural Survival.

2. Listen to and Amplify Indigenous Voices through your channels. Dr. Megan Bang's 2020 NAAEE Research Symposium session on "Cultivating Just, Sustainable, and Culturally Thriving Futures Now: Research Beyond Coloniality and Capitalism" is available for viewing in our archives. Find more resources here.

For those attending the 2022 NAAEE Conference and Research Symposium, we've aggregated the sessions and events aimed to center Native voices, culture, and knowledge. You can read about each of them here

3. Join the Movement to remove harmful or appropriating references to Indigenous culture, including abolishing racist mascot usage.

4. Connect with Your Local Community by learning about the history of the land you reside on. Begin your journey by exploring the Native Land Digital map. Also, learn why, how, and when to consider sharing meaningful Land Acknowledgements and factors to consider in doing so. Begin your journey by exploring the Native Land Digital map

5. Share the Significance of Indigenous Peoples' Day: As an educator, you may seek out ideas for interactive lesson plans such as those provided by the Zinn Education Project. From educational videos to campaigns for change in popular culture, We Are Teachers has compiled a series of informative and multimedia resources. 

6. Support Community Action by attending or spreading the word about events happening across the country and beyond for Indigenous Peoples' Day 2022. See just some of the upcoming gatherings collected here

Find even more inspiration for how you might celebrate and honor our Indigenous communities in our eePRO Resource Post