World Unity Inc.


World Unity Inc.

World Unity, Inc. promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion by raising self-awareness through the Sun Poem and empowering individuals through the arts, education, and innovative ideas.  

Our vision is a world that values everybody!

World Unity, Inc. Projects

Watch the recent TED Talk by President and Founder, Sara Ting

Comment from a leader in Sydney Australia

Thank you Sara for your message about your Ted Talk. Our work is strongly aligned. So powerful. We need to be wanted!!! If the sun shines on all of us, perhaps we can shine on each other. Wishing you much success.—(Rabbi) Zalman Kastel - founder Together For Humanity Sydney Australia

Comments from leaders in US

Very inspiring talk, Sara!!—Vince DiPofi, President of SSOE

Remarkable talk Sara! I loved it. It really touches the heart of a listener. Great organization of your message and a call to action in the end--it was concise and engaging.—Shweta Patakkode, Healthcare professional

Very powerful message, you are a talented speaker—articulate, perfect pace and gestures!—C. Keith Ozaki, M.D., F.A.C.S, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

You’re a great speaker and the stories about the impact of the poem are impressive.—Margaret Lee, M.D. BMC.

Absolutely fabulous lady!  Sharing with the senior staff and our task force. Love your work!—Myneca Ojo, Director of PA Turnpike Commission

Watched the Ted Talk and it is fantastic!!!!!!!  Wow!! You did a great job!!! Very impressive. That is a very difficult thing to do….a Ted Talk….effectively!  Your passion shined through.  I loved it!!! Bravo!! Well done!!!—Matthew Boyle, Partner at AAFCPA                


Singing Equality Across America and Around the World

Innovative program reaching schools throughout the country

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The Sun Poem and PSA Message

Sharing this timeless, universal message: Think of using the Sun poem or the entire PSA as a catalyst for discussion.  How does the poem speak to you or what does the PSA say to you?

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Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Messaging and innovative ideas 

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