Wild Wonder Educator Program


Wild Wonder Educator Program

Barn own rests on a large tree branch

Wild Wonder Foundation is dedicated to encouraging nature connection and conservation through attention, curiosity, art, science, and community. 

John Muir Laws and Emilie Lygren, authors of How to Teach Nature Journaling, developed 31 activities that engage learners of all ages in nature journaling and outdoor learning. Some activities offer opportunities for learners to build a specific set of journaling skills, while others focus their observations on a specific part of the natural world. The activities have been designed to offer structure and support to guide students’ observations and journaling, along with opportunities for student choice and autonomy. Discussion questions included in each activity offer a range of ways to deepen learning and reflection.

Check out Introducing Journaling Activities and Supporting Student Engagement During Journaling Activities for strategies to successfully facilitate journaling activities. See the Educator Support section for ideas on integrating journaling activities into longer lessons and learning experiences.