Smithsonian Science How Live Video Webcasts


Smithsonian Science How Live Video Webcasts

Two women and one man hold lichens of different colors – yellow, white, brown, and green – in  their outstretched hands.

Bring a Smithsonian Scientist into your classroom with Smithsonian Science How! These free, interactive, live video webcasts take questions from your students while introducing them to science concepts and practices through the lens of Smithsonian research and experts. The shows air live twice each day, and provide opportunities for your students to interact via live polls and Q&A with the scientist.


Key Benefits:

  • Grades 3-8; optimized for students in grades 3-5
  • Developed in collaboration with the Smithsonian’s children’s theater, Discovery Theater
  • Scientists take your questions
  • Complementary teaching resources
  • 30 minutes long
  • Aligned with national science standards

Program Objectives:

The participants will gain an:

  • Increased interest and excitement about science
  • Enhanced understanding of scientific content and knowledge
  • Increased reflection on the process of science
  • Increased experience using the tools and language of science
  • Enhanced ability to identify with science careers