NAAEE Affiliate Network 2022-2025 Work Plan


NAAEE Affiliate Network 2022-2025 Work Plan

A screenshot of the front page of the Affiliate Network Work Plan

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we share the “final” iteration of the 2022-2025 Affiliate Network Work Plan.

This plan is a result of several years of work culminating in a facilitated process to create strategies and tactics to help us reach the Network Goals established last year. In this document, you will find a set of strategies and tactics identified under those strategies for each of the Network goals. The tactics serve to illustrate what can be done to achieve success for each goal, at multiple levels and degrees of specificity. These tactics and strategies can be adjusted and refined during the implementation of this work plan. They are not inclusive of all future actions potentially needed to achieve our goals.

 In some instances, tactics might be implemented by one individual, while others might be implemented Network-wide. In many cases, leadership for implementing strategies and tactics will be provided by either NAAEE staff, designated committees, the Affiliate Network Working Group, or the Affiliate Network Advisory Group.

At a minimum, we hope this plan will serve as a guide for the Network and Affiliates and as a way to align efforts and track progress towards achieving our shared goals. This is a working document that will be adapted to reflect feedback from the Affiliate Network, Committees, and the Advisory. Over time, it may be updated to reflect changing conditions.

As a part of our communication around the Affiliate Work Plan, we held a launch webinar available to view below. The slides from the webinar are available here for Affiliate Leaders to use when communicating with their individual boards about the work plan. 


In addition to the launch webinar, we also have two testimonials available from Affiliate leaders Abbie Enlund (Environmental Education Association of Illinois) and Estrella Risinger (California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education) on how they envision using the Affiliate Network Work Plan in their work.