Learning from Indigenous Ways of Knowing


Learning from Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Learning from Indigenous Ways of Knowing is a blog post from Heather Krause at We All Count (a project for equity in data science) which explores "existing ways that Indigenous cultures around the world create knowledge and solve problems with data." The blog is a living document and the team is actively looking for feedback and improvements from the community.

We’re compiling a list of Indigenous-led or Indigenous-partnered projects and studies and in it I think you’re going to find some really useful systems, techniques, and ways of knowing to improve the equity in your work. 


But what I want to talk to you about is some of the learning that I’ve been through doing this research. I’m used to being on really firm ground when I talk about data science and data equity but I know nothing about being Indigenous or finding answers in Indigenous ways. So I needed a lot of help with this one. Through many paid consultations with Indigenous friends, colleagues, Elders, and researchers, we addressed important issues around making this list, including: 

1. Don’t call it “Indigenous Quantitative Methods”!
2. Is this extractive?
3. Can and should these ideas be combined with the kind of data science I know about?

Our answers to these questions, or at least our current thoughts on these questions, are in the introduction to the current version of the research brief.