Exhibit: "Coral Reefs: Nurseries of the Sea"


Exhibit: "Coral Reefs: Nurseries of the Sea"

Facilities may be able to host this exhibit for only the cost of shipping! (Courtesy of the Paly Foundation.)

This exhibit is available in two sizes and is made up of four panels printed on high-quality vinyl and includes stands (large version only).  

The title panel (pictured) is 5x8 ft., while the remaining three are 5x5 ft.  (In the smaller version, panels are 3x5 ft and 3x3 ft.)  See our Facebook page for current and past installations: https://www.facebook.com/PalyFoundation/photos/

Learning objectives include:

Biology of Corals – Coral animals have been around since before the dinosaurs.  Learn all about this amazing creature and how they help sustain over one million species of plants and animals.

Our dependence on the reef - coral reefs prove their invaluable worth by providing everything from food and shelter to cancer-fighting medicines and more.  

Dangers to coral reefs - Coral reefs may be gone even before we can fully understand them.  Learn about the many threats facing coral reefs, including how our fascination with reefs can be harmful.

Conservation efforts - Efforts to help conserve coral reefs include large-scale initiatives and dedicated individual action.  Pick a single action from the exhibit recommendations and have a collective effect in saving this natural wonder.

An Educators Guide is available online to expand and explore topics covered by the exhibit.