Band Together


Band Together

In historical movements, music and spoken word have inspired cultural shifts and brought people together. The climate movement is no different.

In Band Together, our new podcast launching this January, you’ll hear music and stories from changemakers across the country, getting to the heart of why art is an important catalyst for change.


We know that stories bring science to life, and music connects us across our differences. Art in general plays a critical role in understanding our relationships with one another and the natural world. We’re excited to explore this with featured guests and listeners like you!

You'll be able to stream Band Together on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play. Follow the Band Together podcast on Instagram and Twitter to see more about our upcoming guests and behind the scenes as we get closer to our official launch.

Plug into our year of action in 2020, no matter where you are! Check out our new Band Together website, featuring the monthly podcast, a webinar series about the power of your voice, choice, and vote, and more resources to get engaged.