USGS Virtual Release Party: New Water Cycle Diagram


USGS Virtual Release Party: New Water Cycle Diagram

For over 2 decades the United States Geological Survey's Water Cycle Diagram has been used in countless classrooms and online educational settings all over the world. 

On October 13th, the USGS will reveal their new Water Cycle Diagram which features modern aesthetic, the most rigorous science, and intuitive user design. The new diagram includes anthropogenic influence on the water cycle, resulting in a more accurate and representative science communication tool.

USGS is hosting a virtual release party on October 13th at 6:30 pm ET/ 3:30 pm PT to celebrate the unveiling of this important new tool. The party will feature a plenary speaker, lightning talks from various USGS scientists, and a narrated engaging story told from the perspective of Drippy, USGS's friendly water droplet

Join the party. Register today!

PS: Attend the party live for a chance to win a 38x26-inch poster of the new diagram!