Open Call From the Journal of Environmental Education


Open Call From the Journal of Environmental Education

Individual preliminary working titles and abstracts (500 words) should be submitted to the SI Editors via Email ( by January 10th, 2021. Abstracts should be based on the SI call (background and possible foci). The SI Editors will review the 500-word abstract proposals and communicate with individual authors on preliminary acceptance or non-acceptance by late January 2021. Intensive author drafting of ms. is expected between February and June, 2021. First full draft to be submitted by no later than April 4, 2021. At least 2 timely reviews from the SI Editors should be anticipated by authors in April/May/June, before submission to ScholarOne on July, 2021.

The following elements are strongly encouraged in the elaboration of potential contributions to the SI:

  • International geo-epistemological representation (proposal must appeal, simultaneously, to local and global audiences).
  • Empirical representation (non-idealistic examples as ‘grounded’ ways to praxis, preferably acknowledging different world contexts).
  • Geo-cultural and historical contextualization (local/regional/national/global).


We aim for 8 papers of 6000 words each (including references, tables and any additional information), and a short Introduction authored by the Editors so as to provide the background, purpose, rationale and sequence of the SI. The expected publication date for the SI is November, 2021.

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