EarthForce Instagram Live with Experts


EarthForce Instagram Live with Experts

Background is a blurred photo of a dramatic sky. In front of the background is a blue border with white text at the top, two profile photos in the middle, and another blue border with text at the bottom with the Earth Force logo on the right. From the top, the text reads, "Environmental Action Civics: Field Conversations/Anne Umali Director of Professional Development at NAAEE/Vince Meldrum President/CEO of Earth Force/Trends in Educator PD/ Vince and Anne discuss the future of professional development."


This September, Earth Force is hosting Field Conversations in #EnvironmentalActionCivics: a series of live conversations on Instagram with experts in civics, student-led learning, and environmental education.

We’d love to have you join in! (And continue the conversation in Tucson at #NAAEE2022!)

Join our Instagram Lives at @EarthForce on these dates:

  • Sept. 20 at 1 PM ET - Hear Anne Umali from NAAEE discuss the future of professional development.
  • Sept. 21 at 1 PM ET - Learn from Elise Trelegan from NOAA B-WET Chesapeake Bay.
  • Sept. 29th at 2 PM ET - Join the conversation with Martha Monroe + Gabby Salazar from the University of Florida/CAPE.