Spirituality in Nature Group Leaders’ Online Training


Spirituality in Nature Group Leaders’ Online Training

Forming your own Spirituality in Nature Group (SING) is a wonderful way to connect with the community, open up to spiritual deepening, and reawaken our wonder, connection, and a renewed commitment to actively loving the Earth. As we hike through the forest, walk on the beach, or stroll beside a stream, the world around us echoes with sacred resonance. We know that time in nature can offer some of our most moving and meaningful spiritual experiences. SING communities invite us to engage its call.

The SING Leaders’ Training will be led by Payton Hoegh, Spiritual Communities Coordinator, and Beth Norcross, Executive Director of The Center for Spirituality in Nature. It will offer a detailed, structured, and accessible look at how you can launch your own Spirituality In Nature Group (SING).

Working with the Start SINGing Workbook, this webinar will:

  • Cover the logistics of setting up a SING
  • Discuss curriculum and itinerary
  • Explore community-building techniques for cultivating rich, diverse SING groups
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Share experiences from SING leaders
  • Offer an opportunity to sample spiritual practices that you can engage with your group

Following the webinar, you’ll be invited into continued relationships with the wider network of SING communities. You’ll also receive access to additional community-building opportunities, training, and resources, organized and curated by our Spiritual Communities program.

Who should join this training?

Anyone who finds inspiration, healing, and spiritual resonance in nature and wants to create affirming space for spiritual seekers to commune with nature. We believe that communities are strengthened in their diversity, and we are committed to actively nourishing welcoming, equitable communities and sharing tools for spiritual deepening with all. Our hope is that everyone will experience their place as an essential and significant part of their sacred local ecosystem and reap the benefits of Spirituality in Nature Groups.

We strongly recommend that those attending the training purchase our two comprehensive workbooks:

Start SINGing: How to Form Your Own Spirituality in Nature Group
Inside Out: Practices for Going Deeper in Nature

Only through 4/30, get both books for less than $25! (Regularly $19.95 each, we've marked them down to $12.45 for a limited time.) Kindle versions are also available.

Join us! Start SINGing and reconnect with the spiritual gifts and wisdom of nature!

Groups: If you’re interested in a group of you attending the training together, email us at, payton.hoegh@spiritualityinnature.org for information on discounted registration.

** The Center for Spirituality in Nature does not want to preclude anyone from taking the workshop due to cost. Please contact them (payton.hoegh@spiritualityinnature.org) if you are in need of a scholarship.