Making Place-Based Learning Phenomenal


Making Place-Based Learning Phenomenal

How can you tap students’ natural curiosity to engage them in science? Inspire them to investigate their world by using place-based learning practices! Whether remotely or in the socially distanced classroom, blending phenomena with place-based learning allows you to leverage student curiosity and life experiences as they investigate questions and problems right in their own communities. Join us and our partners for a remote Professional Development Institute that will prove inquiry-based science learning can be phenomenal! 


Collaborating partners: Manomet and Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Online Modules February 26 – May 2
Virtual Sessions March 6, March 20th, and April 10

Cost: $350/participant; $300/participant if registering with 2 or more colleagues from the same school/district (team discount is only applicable at time of registration).

PDPs and Graduate Credit available