Making the Connection: Climate Changes Health


Making the Connection: Climate Changes Health

From the American Public Health Association: 

As the rates of allergies, asthma, and vector-borne diseases continue to rise, Americans are becoming more reliant on health professionals for information. Today, we know that these conditions may be adverse effects of climate change. We invite you to find out how climate impacts health, and what health professionals can do to care for and protect personal and community health.

The American Public Health Association and Climate for Health are proud to announce a four-part webinar series, titled Making the Connection: Climate Changes Health. We'll delve into four distinct categories of health, with each individual webinar sponsored and moderated by a leading health organization.

Allergies and Asthma

May 9th, 1:30pm EDT
Discover how climate change impacts allergies and asthma.
In partnership with the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology


Children's Health

May 26th, 1:30pm EDT
Gain insights on how climate affects children's health and well-being.
In partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics


Healthy Community Design and Transportation

June 7th, 1:30pm EDT
Learn how community design can ease clinical impacts of climate change.
In partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine


Mental Health

June 29th, 1:30pm EDT
Explore how climate change influences mental health. 
In partnership with the American Psychological Association