EE 30 Under 30: Young Leaders Making a Difference


EE 30 Under 30: Young Leaders Making a Difference

EE 30 Under 30: Young Leaders Making a Difference 

NAAEE, in partnership with the US Forest Service, the Global Environmental Education Partnership, US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Environmental Protection Administration Taiwan, put out a search for 2017's top "EE 30 Under 30"—individuals around the world who are using environmental education in their communities to create change. Four of these exceptional individuals  share their accomplishments, stories, and plans for the future—and leave us on a high note as we look forward to coming together for NAAEE 2018 in Spokane.


  • Ankita Bhalla, Sophomore, Washington University in St. Louis, Founder, Jagriti Environmental Education Program
  • Connel Bradwell, Wildlife Education Manager, Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society
  • Lucila Belén Castro, PhD Candidate, Institute of Ecology and Animal Diversity, University of Cordoba and Head, Pacific Biodiversity Institute South American office
  • Leandra Taylor, Coordinator, Merge Alliance


  • Danni Washington, Co-Founder, Big Blue and You and Host, Xploration Station: Nature Knows Best

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