Carbon in the Atmosphere


Carbon in the Atmosphere

This Webinar is the fifty-seventh in the series of monthly "CoCoRaHS WeatherTalk" Webinars engaging experts in the fields of atmospheric science, climatology, and other pertinent disciplines.

The webinar features Scott Denning, of Colorado State Univ. located in Fort Collins, CO.

"Most people are familiar with the fact that burning carbon-based fuels adds CO2 to the air, but were you aware that about half of the carbon we burn disappears and therefore doesn’t contribute to climate change? Absorption of CO2 by the oceans, plants, and soils has provided an effectively free 50% emissions reduction that is worth trillions of dollars to the world economy! Where does this “missing carbon” go? How does it get there? Is there anything we can do to enhance these CO2 removal processes? Will the missing carbon come back to bite us later? We will explore these questions and more in this lively webinar."

Our Webinar is limited to 500 participants, so register early. We will contact the first 500 registrants with instructions on how to attend. For those unable to get in under the limit, the Webinar will be recorded and available for viewing shortly afterwards.