One Earth: The Pollution Solution (New Digital Book)

Child sitting on a large rock along a pond, reading a book.


Asvini Thivakaran is a sixth grader at Cedar Valley Middle School, Round Rock, Texas. She received the President’s Environmental Youth Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2018 for her environmental activities.

Asvini has recently published the digital book, One Earth: The Pollution Solution.  In this book you can find simple ideas and activities you can do every day to help save the planet. This book covers a variety of environmental issues, from plastic pollution in the ocean to melting glaciers and global warming. There are many actions we can take to save the Earth, and daily action by each of us will make a big impact.

Asvini created a YouTube channel called E-Talk (short for Environmental Talk) in January 2019 to educate the public about environmental issues and to share activities and projects that anyone can do. Her first twelve E-Talks are covered in the chapters in this book.

One Earth: The Pollution Solution can be found here.