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OpenSciEd is open-source, K-12 science instructional materials that support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Massachusetts is one of 10 partner states that helped to create these high-quality, locally adaptable materials that support equitable science learning. The Wade Institute for Science Education is a certified OpenSciEd Professional Learning Provider.

With the Wade Institute for Science Education’s OpenSciEd Professional Learning, your teachers can:

  • explore Phenomena Based Learning and the Anchoring Phenomena Routine
  • receive both science and pedagogical support
  • launch OpenSciEd at your school or in your district
  • dive deep into individual OpenSciEd units

Our OpenSciEd Professional Learning Programs for your teachers can include support for both teachers and administration for the implementation of OpenSciEd. Professional Learning Sessions can include curriculum topic study, strand map analysis, and collaboration with Wade Institute's science partners in your region, providing your teachers with access to science content specialists.

Contact us to learn more about how our OpenSciEd Professional Learning programs can work for your school or district. Learn more at OpenSciEd.

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