Sustainability in the Remote Classroom for South Florida Teachers


Date and Time:

Saturday, October 24, 2020, 9:00am



This event is for K-12 classroom teachers in South Florida.

Re-imagine your remote classroom as a laboratory for applied sustainability education! Explore how EcoRise curriculum, resources, and grant funds can be used to increase student engagement and cultivate eco-literacy and student innovation on your campus and in your community. This interactive workshop* will provide a deep dive into our blended curriculum and Eco-Audit Grant resources.


Part 1: Explore our Sustainable Intelligence curriculum through interactive experiences and dedicated planning time that will allow you to collaborate with other experienced teachers and find lessons that align with your own scope and sequence. 

Part 2: Experience our Design Studio curriculum through a sustainability-themed design challenge. You'll walk away with dozens of easy-to-implement design activities that you can use with your own students in a virtual or in-person environment to empower them to design impactful solutions to sustainability challenges. We will also review how to apply for an Eco-Audit Grant and present examples of successful student projects. 

*This EcoRise teacher workshop and the accompanying resources are available to new and experienced EcoRise teachers in South Florida at no cost thanks to the generous support of the Environmental Protection Agency Region 04.

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