Webinar: 1st Century Global Politics of Energy Webinar Risks, Vulnerabilities and Opportunities


Date and Time:

Thursday, June 13, 2019, 1:15pm


Designed for mid-level professionals, the webinar previews a new one-day onsite class exploring the little understood but compelling world of what may be the most powerful force that operates around the globe, now and for the foreseeable future: Energy and Geopolitics.

International energy markets are dynamic and entwined with foreign affairs, historically contributing to the rise and fall of international powers and alliances, business successes and failures, and often to conflict and war. Evaluating, forecasting, and positioning for financial, military, or diplomatic opportunities in the 21st Century requires an understanding of the current geopolitics of energy and the risks and vulnerabilities posed by shifts in energy markets and political pressures.

The course will help attendees claim a 21st Century competitive edge in business, education, and government professions. Registration opens shortly for the August 21st 2019 course. Webinar attendees will receive a 20% discount to the $175 course fee.

Meet the Instructor

Paul Michael Wihbey is Senior Fellow, Center for American Geopolitics, Washington DC. and Visiting Professor & Fellow, Emerald Energy Institute for Petroleum and Energy Economics, Policy and Strategic Studies, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He serves as policy chairman of an Abu Dhabi – based strategic advisory. Mr. Wihbey is a frequent commentator on Bloomberg TV/BNN Canada.

His most recent article, ‘The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum: Shifting the Regional Balance of Power from Land to Sea’ is scheduled to be published in May by Middle East Studies, Marine Corps University, Quantico Va.