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Ryan Kelly

Tameshia Farley she/her

I am a Science Educator for the past 18 years. I have worked in Baltimore City and County schools and have taught from grades 5th to 12th grade.  I have written grants to build an outdoor learning classroom at my previous school.  I have been a Green Leader for the past 7 years and the currently the Sustainability Ambasssdor at my current school.

Holly Hummel

I am a community coordinator working and living in Panama at a study abroad field school. I teach environmental subjects to university students as well as lead and create community engagement projects alongside stakeholders in my community.

Jessica Sickler

I'm an independent researcher and evaluator who works with clients to study learning in informal and formal settings.

Gary Thompson

Lauren Neel

Nicholas Bourke

Emily Schaller

Emily Schaller's appreciation of the natural world started during her childhood in Connecticut playing in the mud with her brother, hiking in the woods with her dad, and picking flowers and berries with her mom. She was a dedicated Girl Scout for 10 years, which helped instill in her a love of exploration and a sense of civic responsibility. 

She pursued her interest in connecting people to the natural world and inspiring action to sustain it by earning her MS in Ecological Leadership and Education from the Audubon Expedition Institute of Lesley University. This unique program included 3 semesters of living and learning outdoors while traveling across different bioregions of North America in a retrofitted school bus. This transformational experience provided her with a deeper knowledge of herself as well as the role she could play in building connections between people, their communities, and their place. 

She has since developed and delivered a variety of environmental education experiences for all ages at Naturebridge Yosemite, Teton Science Schools, and the University of Michigan's Center for Education Design, Evaluation, and Research (CEDER). Emily currently supports professional learning programs offered through Shelburne Farms' Institute for Sustainable Schools, focusing on education for sustainability, climate education, and food systems education.

Alex Dohan

Jessica Kennelly

I am the Executive Assistant for a maine-based nonprofit organization, Center for Wildlife Studies. Our global mission to provide accessible environmental education and promote wildlife conservation through science. We offer online and field trainings all around the world to students, professionals, and anyone in between. Learn more about us!

Kristina Woodward She/Her

Jessamyn Biette

Victoria Carr

Taylor Bates she/hers

As a passionate conservationist and educator with years of experience, I have worked in varying aspects of conservation ranging from Environmental Permitting for the private sector to Conservation Research on South Africa's fauna.

Brock Adler

Brock Adler is an environmental education consultant and lobbyist, green investor, and Chair of the NAAEE Advocacy Committee. He has worked and volunteered in the field for many years, and helped lead the effort to include environmental education in the 2015 federal education bill.

Judith McDonald

Cindy Lee

Brandy Drummond

I am a 5th grade Science, Health, and Social Studies teacher for Baltimore County Public Schools. I also work with students K-5th through environmental education. 

Jane Jarrett

Heather Wilson

Mandi Wells

Danielle Lucas she/her

Danielle Lucas serves on NRPA's Professional Development team as the Learning Coordinator. Her career has focused on creating, implementing, and sustaining positive experiences that participants can take to share with someone else. She’s been a part of the education and recreation teams at a number of organizations, including but not limited to Kentucky State Parks, Wilson's Nurseries Butterfly Greenhouse, Georgetown-Scott County Parks and Recreation, and the University of Kentucky. 

Danielle earned a Bachelor’s in Recreation and Park Administration, triple concentrating in Natural Resource Recreation Management, Tourism/Resort Recreation Management, and Event Planning Recreation Management from Eastern Kentucky University.

Heather vandenBurg

Vince Meldrum

Vince Meldrum is President and CEO of Earth Force. Vince is an experienced nonprofit leader who has worked in environmental and civic education for 20 years. Vince leads Earth Force, a national organization with a unique focus on combining active civic education with environmental education to prepare young people with the civic skills, scientific knowledge, and motivation to improve our local environment.