Your College/University EE Program: Gaining Recognition


Your College/University EE Program: Gaining Recognition

You are proud of your college/university environmental education program, but how can you get the word out and gain the recognition that you rightly deserve? NAAEE has two amazing opportunities: 1) List your program(s) in the NAAEE Higher Education Database and 2) Apply for NAAEE Accreditation.

Higher Education Database

List your environmental education program(s) (e.g., major and minors, concentrations, certificates, endorsements, internships) on the Higher Education Database. It's easy and free. And, it helps prospective students and collegues find you.

The database takes a broad definition of what constitutes environmental education. You will find a variety of EE programs targeted to specific audiences, at various levels (e.g., undergraduate and graduate). The database includes general environmental education degrees as well as programs in which students build the relevant knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in EE, such as:

  • adventure education - using adventure-based educational experiences to foster learning
  • nature-based/outdoor education - education that takes place in nature-rich settings
  • place-based education - emphasizing connection to community and environment
  • sustainability education - focusing on principles of sustainability and community development

Already listed? That's great! Be sure to double check your information (e.g., faculty contacts, email addresses, web addresses) to make sure it is up-to-date. Don't forget to check which university programs have been Accredited.

NAAEE's Higher Education Accreditation

NAAEE’s Accreditation process provides third-party, standards-based recognition of high quality higher education programs that engage in the preparation and professional development of environmental educators. Applications for NAAEE's Accreditation: Distinguished College and University Programs are due June 15, 2021. 

Interested in learning more?

Start by watching a brief (approximately 7 minute) video introduction to the Accreditation program. Then, explore more:

Read through the Frequently Asked Questions

Download your copy (free) of Professional Development of Environmental Educators: Guidelines for Excellencea set of recommendations about the basic knowledge and abilities educators need to provide high quality environmental education. These guidelines serve as the backbone for the Accreditation process:

Download the Higher Education Accreditation Manual (revised). It provides a step-by-step description of the Accreditation process, including all of the forms you'll need:

Download the Accreditation Self-Study Application Forms

Want to learn more, read through examples, or see which higher education programs have been Accredited, visit our website

Still have questions? Please contact Bora Simmons: sends e-mail)