Inspiration for Classroom Teachers and Professional Development Providers !


Inspiration for Classroom Teachers and Professional Development Providers !

With new state-level funding, Washington State has a model Climate Change program that includes an innovative science-based curriculum, scientists who help deliver professional development for teachers, and students who are enthusiastically engaged in learning experiences that enable them to develop understandings in the state's NGSS science standards. It's an exciting combination that enables everyone to work together to learn climate change concepts from a local perspective. 

As I read the article, at a , I was reminded repeatedly of the value of collaborations among teachers, students, scientists, curriculum developers, and professional development specialists AND the importance of looking at climate change from a local perspective.

As you read it, I hope you'll be inspired and find ideas worth emulating in your work!


Great to see this being mandated at the state level, with funding to make it happen!

If you're a WA state teacher looking to inspire young climate changemakers at the elementary level, you might be interested in our state-aligned resource the Planet Protector Academy:

Thanks for sharing! We love what Washington state is undertaking. If any Washington teachers are looking for NGSS-aligned curriculum, EcoRise may have what you need!