Going Beyond Diversity


Going Beyond Diversity

Many well-intended organizations undertake diversity initiatives, but their efforts fall short because their organization focuses on "diversity" as the ultimate goal.  If an organization instead focuses on a true cultural shift by addressing inclusion and equity as primary goals, "diversity" will naturally occur as a secondary result.  Review these three short and inspirational resources that embrace equity and inclusion, and recognizes that "diversity" is not good enough.

Why Diversity is Not Enough, Inclusion Equals Equality is a short article by Zoe Mackey that outlines three short steps to push toward inclusion and equity.  Find the article at https://ideas.bkconnection.com/why-diversity-is-not-enough-inclusion-equ...

The Problem with "Diversity" is a 4-minute video of Shaz Hussain, Collections Assistant at the Royal Air Force Museum London, who realized the word "diversity" was not good enough anymore and, therefore, changed her language and her program philosphy which yielded outstanding results.  Check out her video at https://www.museumnext.com/insight/the-problem-with-diversity/

'Diversity' Is an Euphemism. We Should Be Careful How We Use It is a short editorial by Noah Berlatsky on the movie industry and limitations of the term "diversity."  He closes by writing, "We don't need diversity in the sense of variety. We need equality and justice."  Read his article at https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-berlatsky-diversity-20170710...