Get to know your newest group moderators, Sarah and Jason!


Get to know your newest group moderators, Sarah and Jason!

Let's jump right in and ask both Jason and Sarah five fun questions.

1. What is your favorite body of water? Why? 

Jason: My two favorite bodies of water are snowfed mountain streams, especially if there’s an American Dipper, as well as coral reefs. 

Sarah: All of them! Can you tell I lived in a desert for 5 years? Western NY has lots of great lakes (literally), rivers and creeks. If I had to pick one, I’d go with Lake Erie. I like going to the beaches and kayaking there.

2. Without using the title of your job, tell me what you do.

Jason: I empower emerging professionals in the zoological and conservation fields to grow and develop skills in a dynamic, supportive environment.

Sarah: I help people understand the pressures that humanity puts on wildlife and the environment and how rights-based solutions can help (sometimes condoms are involved!)

3. What’s a favorite activity outside of work that leaves you feeling energized?

Jason: Solo hikes in the forest or paddles on the river. It’s my weekly recharge counterpoint to the busyness of everyday life.

Sarah: Running or kayaking. It might seem counterintuitive to feel energized after activity, but running helps clear my head. Kayaking is great because you can take breaks and float and it’s an awesome way to connect with nature.

4. What activities, realizations, or new ways of doing things will you (try to) keep from this past year?

Jason: Living in the moment. I’m a big picture thinker, so I can get lost in the future if I’m not careful.

Sarah: Comfort with adapting to changing situations and the discomfort of learning about tough subjects. 

5. What would you write on a gigantic billboard?

Jason: “Be excellent to each other” - President Abraham Lincoln, San Dimas High School, May 1988

Sarah: Get rid of billboards.

Thank you to both Jason and Sarah for answering our questions. To our readers, please leave your own responses to the questions asked in the comments below. We'd love to know what your favorite body of water is and how you feel energized with outdoor activities!