Conference Summary for CCE


Conference Summary for CCE

Hi everyone, here are my notes from our conversation at the conference. I will update with the zoom recording once we get it, but for now this is what Danielle and I will be working on in the next few months. Thank you everyone who came, and thank you to everyone who is a part of this group! We look forward to providing you resources and working with you to share ideas!!


Resources/Blogs/Events to be featured soon:

Families in Nature


NOAA Community Resilience 

Climate Change Hope (A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety, Heather Kuhlken Bright Spot) - BLOG

USFWS Fergus Falls Compass to Nature

Sky Day Project

Nature For All

Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals - I couldn’t remember what this one was for, but we had the website!


Adult Education and Training in EE/CC

Diversity & Climate Justice

Youth Climate Justice

Science vs. Solutions (politicized issues)

Culturally Responsive EE

Youth Citizen Science

Connection to Nature

Climate Change and Women (Drawdown?)

Community/county level EE/CC resources 


Meeting more often? 

Do virtual meets with the group? Maybe once a month? Every other month? Quarterly? What’s realistic and sustainable? 


Some things I found since the conference

Spanish STEM book:

Nature Journaling Podcast:

Climate Civics Toolkit:

Nature Journaling and Field Sketching course:

Review of book: All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis (Once I get it and can read it). 

Comment here or start a discussion thread about what we may want to do in regards to meeting more frequently!